U by Moen Smart Faucets and Showers

sure would like the ability to control the Moen Smart faucets Via Home Assistant

The first thing you will need is their API. Do they publish one?

I am not sure if they do. it does have a phone app though and alexa and Google assistant talks to them from what I gather it uses WiFi I ordered them I will try to get More info once I have them in possession

looking for the same thing…

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I am building a new smart home and looking at using the Moen U products. Also pretty new to Home Assistant as well … wondering if the Moeun U products are integrated yet? (kitchen faucet and shower).

But wait… GitHub - rsnodgrass/hass-flo-water: Flo Water Control for Home Assistant

The flo is a different creature the only thing I been ably to get working for the shower is the sensor through home kit acts like a thermostat and gives current temperature while it is on

Yeah I got that by searching HACS for Moen. And anyway Flo is now built in.

Any luck finding a faucet integration?

nope only thing I can do is monitor when it is on or off and the water temp, no controlling it

@trentjw what model Moen faucet do you have? And you said that you are able to monitor whether the faucet is on/off.?

I want to set up a door or motion sensor to see if someone enters the bathroom and then if someone leaves without turning the faucet on it would trigger some type of an alert. I’m not sure what the alert will be but it’ll most likely be a combination of lights and sounds or whatever else I can think of so that next time the offender remembers to wash their hands.

Does the Moen monitor water on/off and send status uopdates quick enough for this to work?

I have the Shower and I had to use home connect to get to the sensors that sense it I do not know of a bathroom faucet, as far as speed I have my bathroom lights and exhaust come on when the shower turns on and it is almost instant response to the shower coming on

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