U.K. Smart Plugs with Energy Monitoring


I want to start creating a few automations with smart plugs and energy monitoring.

I already have a few Kasa plugs (without energy monitoring) but seems they are discontinuing these for Tapo which need the tp link cloud to work what I’m not keen on so thinking of starting from scratch with smart plugs.

Looked at a few zigbee options (I don’t run zigbee in HA right now only hue) but really not sure which way to go?

Anyone any recommendations on where they would look if starting to purchase U.K. smart plugs from scratch - the energy monitoring plus local access is important and as easy integration with Home assistant as possible!



I’ve been adding a few of these recently. I’d definitely avoid the Zipato ones. I had four and three of those were faulty.
I’ve just got a Frient, Samsung Smartthings and Salus plugs. All seem pretty similar and all pair using Zigbee. No dropped comms…yet.
You could also look at the Aeotec (that use z-wave) too as they seem to work well.
I’d avoid anything Sonoff. All their devices just drop the connection regardless of distance from the Zigbee router.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for that - the Samsung Smart things plug looks fairly compact and not too badly priced - would I need a smart things hub or could I get a USB zigbee stick and run it from there?

You would need a Zigbee stick. I use the Conbee II stick. It seems ok and is quite popular for HA.
I’ve just over 100 devices paired to the stick at the moment.