Ubiquiti AmpliFi AFi-HD Multiroom wifi or TP link x60

I am looking into upgrading my home network. I have thick walls and in some rooms my wifi connection is really bad.

Using the standard Ziggo wifirouter (connectbox) now and a wifi extender on the attic. I am thinking about to replace this with a mesh system. As in the title of this topic… Thinking about Ubiquiti AmpliFi AFi-HD Multiroom wifi or TP link X60.

My first choice would be the X60. It seems to me more future proof with the WIFI 6 capabilities and ethernet backhaul option.

But I see also many recommendations for the Ubiquiti systems, but never really in comparison… They are both in the same price range… I think… So if anyone could tell me why to go for one of this systems and why or why not… it would help me to decide a lot i hope.

I actually already tried the TP link Archer AX6000 to improve the deadzones in my home, but this did nothing.

What are your thoughts?

This is a question for a networking forum, not related to Home Assistant. You’d be better off asking in a forum dedicated to networking.

Thanks. But I forgot to mention. I am also interested with the integrations in home assistant. Do some benefit above the other?