Ubiquiti camera won't stream from HA

I purchased the ubiquiti camera after reading on the forum about ease of integrating with HA. Trying to use Picture Entity Card. Not sure if this is the correct card to use. Can’t see still picture or stream of camera through HA. Everything works on the Ubiquiti side, ie: NVR and logging into camera from browser.

Home Assistant 0.104.3

Here is the config settings

  - platform: uvc
    key: key provided by ubiquiti NVR
    password: password for camera

entitity: camera.greatroom

access_token: 1f35df8c9011e5638b9696984cb126066de2af64597b97b23a9212b92b84712d
model_name: UVC G3 Flex
brand: Ubiquiti
friendly_name: GreatRoom
entity_picture: /api/camera_proxy/camera.greatroom?token=1f35df8c9011e5638b9696984cb126066de2af64597b97b23a9212b92b84712d
supported_features: 2

The camera entity is there “camera.greatroom”
For Lovelace “picture entity” is correct with "camera.greatroom as “entity_id”. If using Lovelace Web Editor this should be easy.

On a side note, I use iframe and just display the NVR’s(motioneye for me) full webpage.
Libe views load faster and allow view recordings in HA. You can use “view only” user vs “admin” as well. For notifications you may just make rtsp stream active from unifi nvr…

You may also try setting “camera_image” for picture entity card to “camera.greatroom” also to see if this make some change

no luck with ubiquiti camera. all I get on lovelace card is blank card. Maybe I should try a different camera? Any recommendation for an indoor POE camera?

Returned the ubiquiti camera. Went with a reolink camera and can see the live video on the lovelace UI. Reolink camera was half the price and better resolution. win win

This is why I dumped unifi cameras. Lowlight/night performance was horrible also.

Motioneye works well as NVR, although images load slow. I used doods integration for image analysis and have that save into motioneye folders for review.