Ubiquiti cameras and Echo Show 8

Good evening,

since a few month I’m using HA with several Ubiquiti cameras. Formerly with Monocle Cam since a few days now the Nabu Casa approach. So far everything works fine an I’m able to stream the different cameras incl. a G4 Doorbell to my Echo Show 8.

Now I was trying to cast the stream of the G4 doorbell to my Echo Show 8 every time it gets pressed. Below you can find the automation script but it seem that the stream order is not working properly with the Echo Show 8.

Initially I thought that it’s pretty easy as everything is more or less available but something doesn’t match finally :wink: If somebody of you had the same issue it would be great to get a hint what am I missing?

id: ‘1632601861898’
alias: It’s ringing
description: ‘’

  • type: occupied
    platform: device
    device_id: xxx
    entity_id: binary_sensor.doorbell_uvc_g4_door
    domain: binary_sensor
    condition: []
  • service: camera.play_stream
    media_player: media_player.echo_show_8_office
    device_id: xxx
    mode: single
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Good morning, does nobody have an idea / clue how to fix ?

Hi, did you ever manage to get this working? I just searched the forum, as I am looking to do the same. But I am also having trouble just getting the camera to stream to my Echo Show.

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Dear Gavin, I just saw your reply. Sorry for the very late reply. So far I had not been successful on that matter. I took several approaches but ended up in a pure announcement w/o any video stream. My Echos are still running and the stream on my echos are working fine as long as I pre-define them in my configuration.yaml

Could you provide a bit more info about how you were able to stream your Unifi protect camera feeds to your Echo Show 8? I just bought an Echo Show 8 to try out and thought it would be an easy integration.

I currently have a Lenovo Smart Display that I cast/stream my camera feeds to using the following:


    name: Device to Cast to
      - Echo Show 8
      - Lenovo Smart Display
      - ChromeCast TV
    initial: Echo Show 8
    icon: mdi:cast-connected

    name: Select Camera
      - Porch
      - Driveway
      - Foyer
      - Basement
      - Network Closet
      - Aquarium
    initial: Porch
    icon: mdi:cctv

    alias: Stream Cameras to Chromecast
    mode: single
    - service: camera.play_stream
        entity_id: '{% if is_state("input_select.select_camera", "Porch") %} camera.g4doorbell_porch
          {% elif is_state("input_select.select_camera", "Porch") %} camera.g4doorbell_porch
          {% elif is_state("input_select.select_camera", "Driveway") %} camera.g4dome_driveway
          {% elif is_state("input_select.select_camera", "Foyer") %} camera.g4bullet_foyer
          {% elif is_state("input_select.select_camera", "Basement") %} camera.g3flex_basement_rec_rm
          {% elif is_state("input_select.select_camera", "Network Closet") %} camera.g3flex_networking
          {% elif is_state("input_select.select_camera", "Aquarium") %} camera.g3instant_aquarium
          {% endif %}'
        media_player: '{% if is_state("input_select.select_cast", "Lenovo Smart Display")
          %} media_player.lenovo_smart_display {% elif is_state("input_select.select_cast",
          "ChromeCast TV") %} media_player.chromecast_tv {% elif is_state("input_select.select_cast",
          "Echo Show 8") %} media_player.echo_show_8 {% endif %}'
        format: hls

Prior to the purchase of the Echo Show 8, I obviously didn’t have the input select option of “Echo Show 8”, nor the “media_player.echo_show_8” under the script. Everything was working/streaming fine.

I added the Echo Show 8 using the Alexa Media Player HACS integration, but adding the input_select and media_player to the code above doesn’t allow me to stream my camera feeds to it.

Could you describe how you were able to this with your cameras (that aren’t the doorbell)?

As for the doorbell streaming to a media_player, I have this automation setup and it works well (streaming my G4 Doorbell to my Lenovo Smart Display).

- alias: 'Alert: Doorbell'
  description: ''
  - platform: state
    entity_id: binary_sensor.g4doorbell_porch_doorbell
    to: 'on'
  - condition: template
    value_template: '{{ (as_timestamp(now()) - as_timestamp(state_attr(''automation.doorbell_alert'',
      ''last_triggered'') | default(0)) | int > 5)}}'
  - service: camera.play_stream
      media_player: media_player.lenovo_smart_display
      entity_id: camera.g4doorbell_porch
  - service: camera.snapshot
      filename: /config/www/doorbell/camera.g4doorbell_porch_{{ now().strftime("%Y%m%d-%H%M") }}.jpg
      entity_id: camera.g4doorbell_porch
  - service: notify.all_occupants
      title: Doorbell Rang
      message: Someone's at the door now {{ now().strftime("%H%M") }}
          url: /local/doorbell/camera.g4doorbell_porch_{{ now().strftime("%Y%m%d-%H%M") }}.jpg
          content_type: jpg
          hide-thumbnail: false
        image: /local/doorbell/camera.g4doorbell_porch_{{ now().strftime("%Y%m%d-%H%M") }}.jpg
        clickAction: /local/doorbell/camera.g4doorbell_porch_{{ now().strftime("%Y%m%d-%H%M") }}.jpg
  - delay:
      hours: 0
      minutes: 2
      seconds: 30
      milliseconds: 0
  - service: media_player.turn_off
      entity_id: media_player.lenovo_smart_display
  mode: single

Good afternoon,
I am new to the game and try to learn new stuff. I have Unifi G4 Doorbell and and Echo Show 8.

I have an automation setup to announce when the doorbell is pressed to the all the Alexa’s announce someone is at the door. I want it to also show the camera feed on my Echo Shows ( I have a 5 and 8)

I can currently ask Alexa to show any of my cameras setup in home assistant which is currently 8 between Unifi, Foscam, and Amcrest.

The issue I am seeing is that when I try to create an automation to show the doorbell feed nothing happens. I have it setup 2 ways for the video feed. Once is through the Protect add on app, the other is through ip address. Below is how I have it setup on button press of the doorbell to show the feed. Both are created the same way just different options for the video feed. Any thoughts?


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I am interested in this as well.

I have also tried all different camera brands I have and none of them work either. I dont think it is a unifi issue. It something within home assistant causing an issue. The reason I believe it is HA is because I can ask my Echo Show 8 to show any of the cameras I have setup and it will live stream the video feed, including my doorbell.

Its only when I try to create an automation on the doorbell press to show the video feed on my Echo Show 8 that nothing happens. This is the same for all my cameras. It is like the line code above is broken is some way.

What command do you use with Alexa for this? I can’t get it to show any of my UniFi cameras. Says sorry, xxxx not found.

This thread was started three years ago - the information in it may be out of date. It might be better to start a new thread in which you can describe your own situation, with a link to this one to provide context if necessary.

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