Ubiquiti LiteBeam 5AC Gen2 SNMP Integration?

I have 2 LiteBeams that connect my house to the workshop. The have a very detailed web interface that has all sorts of metrics and I notice they also have SNMP options.
I use SNMP to get disk space stats from my Netgear NAS so thought I’d try get some metrics from Litebeams using SNMP.

I’ve tried one or two MIB Walk tools but am not having much luck in getting anything that is recognisable…
Maybe someone has experience with these devices already?

I use iReasoning MIB Browser (Free MIB Browser / MIB Browser / SNMP Browser.), because it can get an entire subtree of like .1, which can then be browsed for info
I do not know that product exactly,but my EdgeMax devices all have a MIB file in there filesystem with descriptions on the different MIB trees.
It has to be accessed through SSH to retrieve it though.

If that does not work, then try the Ubiquiti forum. SNMP is a general standard, so it will be used in many different situations, which means there is a much bigger chance of someone there having the info you need.