Ubiquiti UniFi AP

Hi, i use Hassio 0.108.9, i try to ad device_tracker:- platform: unifi_direct but no device tracker found.

Share the config you used.

Are there any errors in the log?


  • platform: unifi_direct
    host: 192.168.xxxx
    username: xxxxxx
    password: xxxxx
    interval_seconds: 10
    consider_home: 120

No error log
And no know_devece.yaml create…

I don’t believe that the device_tracker.yaml file is used anymore.

Take a look at your state page in the developer tools for device_tracker entities.

In developer tools, no device_tracker entities found…

And nothing in home-assistant.log ?

No error in log file.
I found braking change in 0.108.x: UniFi - Manual configuration has been deprecated as the UI integration now supports all of the previous available options and more. Your existing YAML configuration has previously been imported so just remove it. But i use unifi_direct presence detection… they are different things, or this is the problem?

That is a separate integration. That one utilizes the controller for information.

Without anything in the logs its hard to troubleshoot. Double check all your settings.