Ubiquiti Unifi direct AP


Hi guys, i’m very fresh with Hass… so maybe someone can help me with this. I have a few APs at home. I use my presence detection with the “Ubiquiti Unifi direct AP” function. But i can only assign 1 AP with this function. is it possible to assign more APs? if i add a extra string like “host” or “device_tracker” in my config file it get ignored, or i get an error. And unfortunately its not possible to install the Ubiquiti Unifi WAP (controller) on my Pi, so i hope there is an other solution for this?


Is your controller always running on another device? If so you can use controller based component.

If not have you tried the following? (Not sure if it will work but worth a try)

  - platform: unifi_direct
    username: YOUR_USERNAME1
    password: YOUR_PASSWORD1

  - platform: unifi_direct
    username: YOUR_USERNAME2
    password: YOUR_PASSWORD2


Hi Silvrr, thanks for your answer. Unfortunately it’s not working what you suggest. I have an off-side Unifi controller, where also other controllers are connected with (business) What do you mean exactly with ‘controller based component.’ ?


Oh, your suggestion works! it take a little time i guess… :grinning: