Ubiquiti unifi network integration to be broken by change to MFA

I use the Ubiquiti unifi network integration to turn off and on devices on my network.
Over the next month Ubiquiti is going enforce mandatory MFA logins that is going to break the Unifi integration.

I wanted to find out what other options there is and also how many people in our HA community will be impacted. I am suprised that Ubiquiti have not invetigated an API key to allow this to continue working as is has been a great “feature” available to unifi users.

Breaking this functionality is enough to make to move my entire network to a different technology.

why ?

As i read there mails is UI accounts will be secured by MFA, not LOCAL account

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MFA does not affect the integration as @Michael_Dahl says. I’ve been running my Unifi with MFA for a lot of years (you should too).


I just activated MFA and within minutes my Verify App started asking for login confirmation multiple times. When checking the HA dashboard shortly after I got no info from the Unifi devices. When checking the integration the Unifi Network integration gave error “Failed to set up”

Please help??

Thanks for asking and thanks for the clarifying answers :slight_smile:

I had the same problem, but I solved it. To do this, I registered a new “administrator account” through the controller’s website.

  1. administrators
  2. all sites
  3. add new admin
  4. uncheck “remote access”

Same issue here as well.

I’m using a Unifi Local Super Admin for credentials on Home Assistant. I can create and re-create the Unifi Network integration, no problem.

But when I do activities such as switching off/on Port Forwarding rules or switching off/on specific connected client, I get an authentication error on Home Assistant. And the switching function is non-functional.

I rolled back several version of Home Assistant and this error persists. So I has to do with the new Unifi OS version 4.0.6.

This integration is broken.