Ubiquiti Unifi WAP

Does anyone know if this component would work with their standard routers? I have an Edge Route Lite -3, and I’m looking for a component still to use for reliable presence detection.

It’s for the units from the unifi line that use the unifi controller. So no unfortunately

Ok shame :frowning:

Don’t suppose you know of a component that would work with my router? I have netgear switches and different make APs but all address designation is done at the router

No sorry. If edgeos has a reliable api it wouldn’t be hard to write a new component for that.

Andrew had a good post on the same issue Smart Things as Device Tracker

His post says about MQTT, and that he struggled with it. I’ve got it working since i made this thread so look like i’ll be going down that route.

Some issues with TLS atm though, so maybe thats where he got stuck

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Have you gotten anywhere with this? I am in the same boat with the Unify router.

SNMP component

What are you using for access points? I’m using an EdgeRouter Lite-3 with an AC-AP-LR and it works for presence detection. Just need to install the Unifi Controller software on a computer.

How accurate is your presence detection? When leaving the wifi mine don’t update for roughly 15-20 minutes after I already left.

Mine’s about the same. I’ve actually switched over to using Owntracks for presence detection and it updates a lot quicker.