Ubiquiti - which components?

Hi there,
I’m looking at improving my home Wifi network and see a lot of recommendations related to Ubiquiti.

I currently have a router which I suspect I need to keep (ISP Movistar Spain router ) Askey 3505VW. It cloggs up at times and needs regular reboots.

So I have a 100m2 apartment, long and not too wide with no good Wifi reach at the moment to the end of the apartment, so currently having Devolo Powerline adapters to get some LAN at the end where my office is (and the Home Assistant Raspberry Pi).

So the question: Would 2 APs (pro?) be enough? One on each side of the apartment or would the distance between them be too far and I would need something different/additional?

Thanks for the guidance! If I go ahead I’d like to do it right!

I would think 2 APs would be sufficient. As to which flavor of AP will depend on other factors, I would wager.

I would start with 1, I cover a 2300 sqft house with 2 storys and a basement with no issues.

Curious…are you using a Pro AP? Where is it mounted to cover 3 stories (essentially)? Main floor ceiling? Again…just wondering. :slight_smile:

Thanks both! I might indeed start with one and then see the coverage and add one more if needed. Would you recommend the Pro directly?
What about the cloud key? is that something recommended too?

If running hassio, the addon has been stable and is a lot cheaper.

I run the AC-LR, cheaper than the Pro unless you need the Pro features. It can saturate my 175 mbps connection with the right hardware connecting.

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I fixed it by using a Xiaomi R3P Router. I also got an apartment around 100m2 which is quite long. Previously was using an Apple Time Capsule (last version) and coverage on the “sides” was bad, now it’s amazing (and for only around 70€!)

Are you on a Pi?
I have been putting off using the add-on because I imagine it does a lot of writes to the SD card.
I’m putting it off because like many here I am thinking about moving to a NUC.

You need to consider the type of walls you have (wood, bricks or concrete).
If you have several walls with concrete you might end up with 2 AP. But it is a good idea to start with one and add more if needed. There is a good chance one will cover concrete walls if you manage to install it somewhere in the middle of the house, this way it should easily cover this space.
Cloud key is not a must since you can use their cloud key for this, or you can install locally on any PC if you have one running all time.

Or not (running all the time) if you don’t want to actually use the controller all the time.
I have mine on my ‘normal’ PC and only start it if I need to.

But… I am going through the whole ‘upgrade HA to a NUC’ thought process so would then migrate it to the NUC

very good feedback. I´d love to use the addon as the stick is expensive, but if there is high I/O to the SD card, then that one likely will not last for long…

Some features on the Unifi controller requires available controller all times like DPI (Deep Packet Inspection).

That’s true…

Finally I went for the AC-LR and no key. Will try the add-on. Can always expand later!!