Ubiquiti - Zoning

Hi there,

I’m having some trouble getting zoning to work with my ubiquiti router.

  1. Can someone confirm for me whether or not my router supports zoning?


What exactly are you trying to setup with it ?

With the router, you will have a home zone already setup in HA, and if you router detects your presence, then you will be classed as home.

If you want to setup zones outside of home, then you will need to use some form of GPS tracking with something like the iOS app, Google Maps, OwnTracks, etc.

I have multiple routers in different locations. I’m trying to setup zoning using these routers. I’ve added them all as device trackers and can receive data from them however the automation’s trigger regardless of zone. Despite my zoning conditions and/or zone triggers.

I cannot find anything on my router settings that say they support this feature though.

I dont think what you are trying to setup is possible, but I could be wrong, and could have got what you are trying to do wrong.

https://www.home-assistant.io/components/zone/ is for different gps area’s i believe, so like home, work, school, etc, as it works on longitude and latitude coordinates.

I am guessing you have a couple of different access points around your house, and want to trigger automation’s depending on which access point you are connected to ?

You might want to look into using the controller version of the unifi component, https://www.home-assistant.io/components/device_tracker.unifi/ as then you might be able to do something with the attributes of where it is connected, but I dont think it will be as quick as you want it to be. I only have one access point, so not sure if the attributes change when connected to another access point. But this looks like it may change, _last_seen_by_uap: but I am just guessing, sorry.

The access points are in 3 different locations in Australia. By If the router is not giving GPS data to homeAssistant I guess it will not work.

Thanks for your help anyway mate! I’ll check the router settings further.

I am pretty sure they dont pass on GPS, it has it in the attributes, but I think that it is just using what is set as home in the HA config. I would have thought there must be a way to do it somehow, but its beyond my knowledge level, sorry.