Ubuntu 20.04.2 and Docker Errors


New here; hoping for some help. I have HASSIO running on a docker container (i think using portainer? -Its been a while since I installed all of this) and have the latest version of ubuntu wrapped around it as my host PC

recently i looked to update HA from core-2020.12.2 to core-2021.4.5 but i get “Unknown error, see supervisor”.

When i check supervisor i have “supervisor-2021.04.0” and see 2 errors

You are running an unsupported installation
Your installation is unhealthy

I am using Docker 19.03.14 and Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS

What am I missing and what do i do to fix! Please help!

That hasn’t been supported for some time now. Your choices are to install Debian, or use Container (which is just a docker container without add-ons or supervisor).

I’m currently running Container on 20.10 with Docker 20.15.5 with zero issues.

thank you for the tip!

i upgraded to 20.10 but still am running into the same errors on Supervisor

how do i run Container? is there a way to switch what i have now over to container without breaking anything?

btw when i click on the “more info” link for the “Your installation is unhealthy” i get the following note:

" The Docker environment is not working properly"

not sure whats wrong with docker?

Usually the supervisor logs will tell you the error. (under the Supervisor → System tab).

I used to run under Ubuntu and you can’t get rid of the “unsupported install” error but usually the “unhealthy” error is some other issue. IE Supervisor needs privileged mode.

Follow this guide to install container (which is basically what you have now without supervisor and any addons) https://www.home-assistant.io/installation/linux - Scroll halfway down the page.

BUT…like Bill wrote, if you are not doing anything else with the ubuntu install besides HA then your best bet would be to install Debian. I only installed Debian a couple of months ago (used Ubuntu for 15 years) and haven’t looked back.


Do a search on the forum on this issue first. If you restart supervisor container the unhealty issue goes away. Until the next supervisor update…