Ubuntu 20.04 aarch64 - supervised install, addons using armv7

I have an install of HA on a RPi4 4GB running Ubuntu 20.04 aarch64. When installing addons the supervisor is downloading the armv7 builds of containers, which for the most part works.

However I had a problem with esphome (xtensa-esp32-elf-g++ not found - likely a 32/64-bit library issue), and worked around it by downloading the aarch64 image and tagging it as armv7 (fooling the supervisor that the image was already downloaded). The error is not present in the esphome aarch64 image.

My question is whether there is something I need to change so the supervisor favours aarch64 images?

You alarmed me, but after checking everything is OK with me. What version of HA did you install ?

raspberrypi4 it would seem. I didn’t realise there was raspberrypi4-64 :frowning: