Ubuntu install no longer seeing HA update (OTA updates have been disabled.)

I have an i7 PC with Ubuntu 18.04 installed (using HA recommended alternate install -Docker-CE) and have updated HA several times with no issue. The Update Available notice shows up in Supervisor/System and I update. This has been working well and am now at 105.5. But the notice for 106.0 has never arrived. In Supervisor/System/System Log the only Error/Warning is this one:
20-02-20 15:04:10 WARNING (MainThread) [hassio.dbus.rauc] Host has no rauc support. OTA updates have been disabled.
Can anyone help me get my update notices back. Thanks.

106 isn’t available yet, its still in beta. (edit its likley to be released on Feb 26th)

I get the same message and the update of HomeAssistant core still works.

Right. Sorry.
I remember seeing 106.0 but didn’t read it close enough. Didn’t notice it was development.