Ubuntu VM and Network Issues - Clarification and help needed


Just installed my first HA instance on a VM (vrit-manager) on Ubuntu. Everything works fine until I noticed I cant access it from other Network pc. Tried a lot of things on my own (as i basically dont know linux!) and couldnt fix the problem. I follow recommandation to use Nabu Casa instead so I have no problem accessing HA from anywhere now.

But, I still have issue and it looks it all comes to the same original ip configuration and network problem.
Exemple 1 : HA cant access to my Chromecast
Exemple 2 : Can’t install add-on (throught Nabu) and got a message there’s no internet connection
Exemple 3 : Can’t use HA app (android phone) cause he cant access the VM

Question a) Is my problem all related to the same issue and could be fix by setting the VM ip adresse the same as other in the network?
Question b) Is there a simplier way to install HA without having to learn all the linux and networking basics on top of it? :slight_smile:
Question c) If the best solution for me is fixing my network/vm problem, any link for a complete step-by-step to do so?

Thanks a lot!

You might be using VLANs that are not configured properly. Try to use an unmanaged switch to see if this resolves the issue. Try to remove VLANs if you are using a managed switch or connect to a switchport which is setup to use VLAN 1.

If you cannot access the Internet this indicates a possible misconfiguration of the gateway address.

Check to see if you are on the same subnet as everything else on your network and check your network address is consistent with devices which need to talk to each other.

Could you help share your VM configuration, especially around the NIC of the VM?

And then, could you help share your network configuration from the HA side? From the UI, go to Settings, System, then Network.

Not sure, but you might be just a couple of settings away.