Ugly ids for alexa devices in spotify integration

Anyone knows how to fix this? suddenly I get this ugly ids for my alexa devices y spotify player. I supose it´s a spotify integration problem.

  - 1673e176-b09a-4a9d-add4-811021a60f80
  - 4e32732c-1fdb-4b07-a3d4-fd1b90cc6e6a
  - 9636cd02-7bdd-4ebe-b657-87b26675f68d

Im getting the same thing and have been looking how to fix this. What I have noticed if I going to the Spotify ap or web player select the speaker the it shows to correct speaker name in the Spotify card under source. This is a major pain and I have also noticed that the source selection seems to only hold about 3 sources. This not cool if you have speakers in multiple rooms. or groups.
Anyone have any solutions for his?