UI bug - Input_select doesn't open properly


The input_select entities and the dropdown boxes in general do not open properly in Lovelace interface.
If a dropdown menu is at the bottom of a page, the list tries to expand downwards while there is very little space for that. The interface is almost unusable. Isn’t it possible to have the menu open upwards instead, where is space to display it ?


See here:

Thanks! Hopefully it will be fixed in the next release

I am afraid that this is not only iOS-related issue.
I tested the problem on desktop (Chrome, Win10x64) - it really occurs when the input_select control is on the bottom of the page.
This is not actually a bug. I guess this is a behaviour according to the paper-list implementation.

Thanks Ildar for your comment. But I doubt that it is no bug. Here a screenshot from my integrations page:

I see!
Now I will to find a similar dialog in my setup.
Update: I cannot find a similar window in my setup, cannot reproduce ((

Just a quick question. How are you achieving that album art style icons?

It’s the spotify playlist card: GitHub - custom-cards/spotify-card: Spotify playlist card for Home Assistant card
Not very useful IMHO, it’s limited to playlists …

Ah dam, thanks for replying. I don’t use spotify as I local host my music