UI card - Graph line with limit line?

Anyone that have solved this?
Should I add a sensor (fake) and set a value to max?

Appreciate any directions.

Below code did not do the tricks

type: sensor
graph: line
min: 0
max: 100
  green: 0
  yellow: 69
  red: 75
theme: default
name: Fukt Vind
entity: sensor.vind_humidity
detail: 3
hours_to_show: 48

Check out this custom card. It supports severity colours (scroll way down for the example).

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Sorry new to this :thinking:

How do I set this up? I don’t have a ui-lovelace.yaml?
1.Do I just create one?
2. Add the resource to that file?

  - url: /local/mini-graph-card-bundle.js?v=0.3.0
    type: module

3.Download mini-graph-card-bundle.js to config/www
4.Put the card option in ui-lovelace.yaml or /config/.storage/lovelace?

- type: custom:mini-graph-card
    - sensor.sensor_temperature
    labels: true
    - value: 20
      color: "#f39c12"
    - value: 21
      color: "#d35400"
    - value: 21.5
      color: "#c0392b"

Solved by below link

No. Use the RAW editor. Click the three dots icon upper right twice (once for Configure UI, next for RAW editor).

Paste the resources yaml code at the top of the raw editor and save.

Use the (+) button lower right to add a manual card (bottom right of the card selector pop-up).

Put your card config in this, save and close the confugre UI editor (X top left of main window).

EDIT: Bah! Too slow :slight_smile:

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All good! Nice Panel!:+1:

type: 'custom:mini-graph-card'
  - sensor.vind_humidity
  labels: true
  - value: 69
    color: '#f39c12'
  - value: 70
    color: '#d35400'
  - value: 75
    color: '#c0392b'