UI Created Scene just wont launch

I’m using the Rheem Econet integration to try and control my water heater to turn it off when I go to work for weeks at a time.

I used the UI to create two Scenes, one which turns the water heater off when I go to work, the other turns the water heater to Eco when I return from work. When created the “away at work” scene to turn off the water heater, everything was saved and and responded to correctly.

Any time I launch the “return from work” automation I get no associated errors and the water heater reacts appropriately.

However any time I try and launch the “away at work” scene, I get the “Failed to call service scene/turn_on. Unknown error” message displayed and the heater does not react at all.

I’m reading the scenes.yaml and it has the state listed correctly for both scenes, but I’m all out of ideas on how to turn off my water heater through a shortcut.