UI not loading

Recently my UI has stopped working. Everything else seems to be running fine (my automations seem to be still working and I can SSH in and run commands). There’s nothing in my logs about the UI failing (I have an iOS notification error and a couple of Chromecast timeout errors) so I don’t really have anything to go on at the moment.

I’m running home assistant is 6.2 and home assistant core 2021.8.7 on a raspberry pi 3b.

How can I debug the UI not loading? Is it possible to reset the UI?

Where is it not loading?

In a mobile app or web browser or both?

Have you tried clearing your web browser cache?

It’s not loading on the Android or iOS mobile apps or on in a web browser. I’ve tried Firefox and Chrome browsers on my mobile phone and a desktop and have reset the caches.

“Not loading” can mean a lot of things.
What’s the message you get on the browser,and what url are you using.

I’m using a duckdns url.

Just sharing my experience.

Sounds like the exact same symptoms for my lovelace ui yesterday. I woke up in the morning to find the same. No dashboard would load & couldn’t access any of the supervisor addon’s listed in the side panel. Same for web browser & companion app. Seems like something happened after my 3am scheduled snapshot & after my morning scene activation for early morning lights. By the time i woke up most automations were no longer working. By that i mean the integrations for handling my zigbee & RF sensors were not triggering any automations.

In the end i was lucky that i could ssh into the instance & reboot. After that things were not full back online but i could access the supervisor & did another host reboot from the web ui. That time everthing came back online normally.

Only my prod instance had this issue. My dev instance was not impacted, but that’s a much simpler system since it does not run all the sensor sub-systems like the prod instance.

Thanks. I’ve tried rebooting the core and the host, but sadly still no UI though.

Quick update on this, if I go to:

https://[internal IP address]:8123

I get the UI. So I guess this is either a duckdns or port forwarding issue.

Check your security certificate status.

Also check your system time.

also turn your router off and reboot…you might have gotten an update from your provider overnight.

I’m facing the same issue. … the funny thing is that I’m able to load the UI from internet (via duckdns) without problems only when I use my laptop from work which uses a German vpn, but if I try to access from my mobile or a local internet prodider I can’t… everything was ok for me 4 days ago.,. but now I can’t use the android app to load UI but at the same time I’m still able to receive notifications on it…

Thanks for all the advice everyone. It turned out to be a NAT loopback/hairpin issue on my router. My router firmware had auto-updated and they’d broken this functionality in the update. Luckily they’d quickly fixed it in a new version, so after a quick firmware upgrade on the router I’m back in action.

Thanks again for the help!

Thanks, this was helpful. Through the thread, I found local ip was still working then found dnsmasq was off, it was helping me with loopback. Re-enabling it restored external access.