UI-only toggle button without backend helpers

I have a dashboard which has a number of entities visible as button-card-like objects on the dashboard. I’d like to be able to “select”/“activate” some number of those entities in the UI and then pass the selected entities to a service call when the user clicks a “submit”-like button. In other words, I want the user to be able to select which entities will be controlled when they click “submit”. Example usecase would be selecting which motorized blinds the user wants to control at this instant.

I know I could create a bunch of helper booleans on the server-side to track the selected buttons, but this feels like overkill since I only need to know the state in the UI to prepare the service call on “submit”. (It will also needlessly track history of these helper entities, etc). I also dont want the state to be shared across different user’s dashboards, so really I’d end up needing many multiples of these helper buttons.

Is there a way to track/reference some state of some buttons strictly in the frontend?