UI refresh behaviour

Hi all,
I have all my devices connected to HA and everything is fine. When I navigate to any section and I take some time to read something, the page refresh and UI go back to the top of the page. So let say I am visiting the HACS menu and find an integration that I’d like to know more about. While reading, the documentation page, the system would refresh and bring me back to the top of the page of HACS menu and I need to search again for the integration I was interested into. Is there a way to have this behaviour under control? I am relatively new to HA and I not sure if this is related to my setup/integrations or if it is a native behaviour.

Some info, I run HA on a synology NAS (with a VirtualMachine)
Versions :
Home Assistant Core 2022.5.5
Home Assistant Supervisor 2022.05.3
Home Assistant OS 8.1
Kernel version 5.15.41
Agent version 1.2.1

Some Integrations :
Philips Hue
Google assistant
Music Assistant

Go to your profile and turn this off:

See if that helps.

Thank you for the quick response, that was it! :slight_smile: