UI to add add-on to left nav bar

With the addition of Ingress (awesome!) many of us have had issues with updating our Panel_Iframe URLs. And really, we shouldn’t be worrying about them anyway, at this point :slight_smile:

Could we please add UI to optionally add links to add-ons to the left nav? I’m a UX designer, so I wireframed it out, as well as some help bubbles. Download this a clickable prototype or check out the individual wireframes:

And text for the two tooltips:

Shows a link to this add-on in the left navigation bar

Security Risk! Only use if you know you can trust the source of the add-on. This gives the add-on full access to your entire Home Assistant system. Damage could occur.

This is actually already coming in 0.92.

Just heard that! I’ve asked on Discord if @pvizeli could add the tooltips.

The nav panel integration is now live in beta 92.0b3 with supervisor 161 and can be tested.

You could submit the tooltips suggestion in the polymer repository at github (tag/describe it with “Hassio” to separate it out from the other Home Assistant frontend issues). Or if you know what changes need to be made, you could make a pull request instead of an issue.