UI to configure

I have been using Universal Devices’ ISY and Polisy for many years and I have been very satisfied. Lately I have been exploring Home Assistant, first as a front end for ISY/Polisy but now I have added some automations to HA as it offers some integrations that ISY/Polisy does not.
I would like to use HA more but I am held back by the (for me) complicated configuration.yaml versus the much easier operation of ISY/Polisy’s integrations (called nodeservers) and automation.
I read somewhere that HA is evolving to have all integrations adding through the UI. Is that true and if so, is there a time line. I have watched several Youtube videos on configuration.yaml but parts of it still escape me. It would be wonderful if HA could evolve towards not only the experienced Geeks but also the small fry like me.

There is no timeline and many integrations will stay yaml. I suggest you take the time to learn that aspect because it’s not 100% going away. ISY is one of those integrations that might never make it to the UI (for manual integration) because the configuration is very complicated.

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Thanks Petro. I succesfully integrated one of my 2 ISY’s. To be more precise, the ISY integration is not my concern, but more my lack of confidence & knowledge with configuration.yaml.