UI Toggle Switches No Longer Working

I have a very strange problem and I’m hoping one of you has experienced this.

None of my UI toggle switches are working. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Z-Wave switch or a Hue bulb - clicking the toggle switch on the web UI does nothing. I’ve tried both the traditional frontend as well as Lovelace. If I call light.turn_off or light.turn_on from the developer panel on web, it also doesn’t do anything. If I click on the details for a bulb entity I can change the brightness and color, but if I try to turn it on or off nothing happens/

Here’s where it gets strange: automations all work. I can turn the Z-Wave lights on and off via HomeKit which is emulated by HA. It’s just the web frontend.

If I update to 0.84 the web UI shows me no entities, none of my groups, nothing – traditional UI or Lovelace. If I roll back to 0.83 I can see everything but I experience this issue.

Running on Docker on Unraid (latest).

Rolling back to 0.82.1 completely fixes everything.

There was a tap-action breaking change with the last update.

You also need to enable the right mode for Lovelace before the front-end will show up in 0.84

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yeah you need something like this now:

type: glance
  - entity: switch.panel_heater
      action: toggle

Yeah, I’ve read through all of that. When I say that all of my entities have disappeared, I mean even from the dev-states menu.

Unless I’ve missed something in the documentation (which is entirely possible), this seems like a different bug?

Not sure what caused it, but the following basic steps fixed this for me.

  1. Back up config folder
  2. Delete Docker container and config folder
  3. Reinstall from latest docker
  4. Copy config folder over