UI way for triggering an alarm on Xiaomi gateway, flashing lights and play a sound on the google home devices

Until now i use Home Assistant whit the UI based automatization to get everything working. and i hope to keep it that way, as scripting YAML seems not my best bet and time consuming to learn.

But i didn’t found a UI way of sounding my alarm. i have a ConBee II stick with a lot of zigbee devices connected (Door sensors, Movement sensors and lights) and i have the Xiaomi Gateway Alarm also connected to HA.

But until now i still have the alarm configured in the Xiaomi home app and some doorsensors connected in the xiaomi home app (not connected in ConBee/HA yet. But i would like to move all the sensors to the ConBee stick and trigger the alarm with Home assistent. This gives me a lot more options.

What i want to do.

When doorsensors A, B, C, or movement sensors A, B, C gets triggered when the alarm is activated
play X sound on my Nest devices, flash my lights for X minutes, activate alarm on Xiaomi Gateway Device for X minutes and notify by mail or smartphone notification.

But i don’t seem to find a way to do this in the UI.
I tried reading YAML files, info i found on this forums, examples, Reddit examplex, etc… and try to copy in the YAML editor in the UI automation. but i always getting errors or unable to save because of an error.

So can you guys help me out how to get this done? or try to explain in a simple way how i can do this in a YAML file without any YAML knowledge (until now)

This should get close to it at least:

I see a lot of code and understand most of it. but what do i do with it? There are no instructions as far i can see.

This configuration is all YAML based, not UI based.

I suppose that doesn’t answer directly your question (sounding the alarm on the UI).

You may need to look into recently added HA integrations for Xiaomi Gateway (https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/xiaomi_aqara/) and Xiaomi Gateway alarm (https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/alarm_control_panel.xiaomi_miio/) and use UI-based automations to build your automations (along with the entities corresponding to your sensors, which should exist in HA, either coming from Conbee or Xiaomi Gateway integration).

Don’t know if I’ve been really helpful, but it’s the best I can help you with, considering I don’t have a similar setup as yours.

Good luck on your attempts.

@sn33ky were you able to get this working? I’m trying to set up the same thing.

Nope, the Xiaomi hub is absolute.

I buyed a Zigbee stick to connect all xioami sensors and use all my online mediaplayer now to play a youtube movie with a alarm clip. The Hue lights and Yealight bulbs now make the lights in a police cirene.