UK Bayonet Bulbs

Can anyone recommend some UK style bayonet RGB Wifi bulbs, that can be intergrated relatively easily to a hassio setup.

These are for my daughters house, where her and the son-in-law just want to a couple of RGB lights with remotes, and phone controll. However I know once they’ve done that, it’s only a few small steps to a raspberry pi and HASSIO :slight_smile:

Ideally given the use something that doesn’t need taking apart to reflash etc. would be good.

Hue I imagine.
(Not tried them as I haven’t gone RGB yet)

You may get lucky and find some Tuya bulbs you can flash via Tuya convert and integrate that way but it’s a gamble.

The alternative is the Edison screw to bayonet adapater and then the world is your oyster. I have to use those on my IKEA bulbs.

LIFX do a good line for UK for example

with the following integration

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LIFX work pretty well.
I used to use them by themselves with my phone to control them. Or Alexa.(Or flic with bluetooth via my phone) Or a cronjob on a server to make them flash red once an hour via their api.

(I’ve not used them with Home Assistant, due to moving house to somewhere without suitable sockets)

As a longer term solution I would recommend to “upgrade” to E27 fixtures as there is so much more choice, and hence lower prices.
I am slowly replacing all the pendent fixtures in my home from B22 to E27.
Just did the master bedroom this weekend as the shade was being replaced.

So if we used a E27 bulb, what would the recommendations be? Again ideally given the use something that doesn’t need taking apart to reflash etc. would be good.

For the E14 and E27 fittings I have I am using Ikea Tradfri bulbs.

Ikea also sell B22 to E27 converters.

I’m generally moving over to use Ikea Ledare’s from B22’s
Unfortunately I have to buy E14 converters from ebay (not as good a quality)

So for 6 RGB bulbs spread throughout the house, with a remote in each room. Do I need one gateway, or will I need to space them around the house. Distances aren’t too bad, fairly compact 3 bed house.

Hows your wifi signal? Zigbee runs on 2.4GHz, same as wifi can.

Hmm, Wifi signal is good all round the house, but it 's a mesh network. My guess is it would be alright as controlling a light is not exactly going to be like streaming a 4k film lol.

Zigbee also forms a mesh (with things with a power supply. Like bulbs and sockets)

TP-LINK Kasa bulbs come in B22, and they have full local control.