UK Energy Price

Hi, I’m trying to track my costs for my electricity usage but I’m having trouble as we have a standing charge which is a flat fee per day which is charged as well as a charge per kwh that we use.

However, we recently have a thing called the energy price guarantee which takes money off the bill and makes it cheaper. How can I account for this in Home Assistant.

I’ve attached a part of my bill to explain what I mean. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

how is that ‘energy price guarantee’ calculated?

the energy meters per time period are covered well in the forums here, peak, off peak, shoulder work
but that guarentee must be calculated ‘somehow’ by the company, and unless you know how, or they have an API for the energy then you can’t account for it…
it looks like you’re on a ‘fixed price’ not time of use so you may be stuck creating a simple helper to manually enter the adjusted price per kWh every billing cycle

UK energy price guarantee was a cap on the price per kWh paid by consumers. Easiest way to bake this in is to fudge your price per kWh. This will disappear at the end of the month I believe

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So it would be easier to just not implement this. For now I setup a sensor to multiply my usage by my unit rate minus the 16.6p and then add the standing charge on top for each day. I just wasn’t aware if the EPG was fixed or variable.

Probably. Do you pull your tariff via an API or to you have that as an input in your home assistant setup?

I have a Hildebrand Glow CAD which pulls everything from my SMETS2 meter but at the moment EON have not updated the DCC so I’m having to get the value manually.