UK Energy Prices - What are people doing?

Hi Team.

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So here in the UK today the October energy price was revealed and its painful. I am interested to know what people are doing with smart tech to reduce the energy use.

For me i have all my lighting using phillips Hue and Ikea bulbs via Z2MQTT. My heating is controlled via Tado and i am slowly getting everything that can be switched off most of the time on a smart plug. I make sure what can go off is switched off via HA Node Red automation.

I am not 100% what more i can do but i am open to hearing what you do and maybe i am missing something.

Thanks in advance

The biggest drop I saw in power bills was when I spent a little chunk of $ to buy all LED buls and throw away all the old ones. My bill went down by about $150/Mo after spending about $150. You can also get a smart thermostat which you can configure to completely turn off when you are not home - and pretty much never cool or heat from say 1am to 3am every day… if you ar in an old place, check for any air seepage arounbd windows or doors you can seal up with adhesive foam strips…

  • Use LED bulbs.
  • Make sure the house is well insulated for winter.
  • Use a smart thermostat and turn heating down or off when away (depending on length of absence). If fully controlling the thermostat yourself, don’t forget the anti-frost function.

I don’t worry about standby-mode equipment (eg: TV) as I think their power consumption is quite low in standby v hassle/delay of a cold startup whenever I switch it on.

" I don’t worry about standby-mode equipment (eg: TV) as I think their power consumption is quite low"

That one is very much depending on the age of equipment these years. I know for example the Ziggo media box is capable of burning 40 watts in standby, while a healthy TV just takes 1 or 2 Watts in standby.
I have a night consumption of about 160 Watts which jumps to 240 when refrigerator kicks in. So about 2Kwh from 2200 til 8 in the morning. You can calculate yourself if you are at 700Watts (which can happen eaily_ at night usage, what that costs you . Dont assume, make measurements :slight_smile:

You are quite right of course!

I did read mine a while ago and remember it to be quite low but I was making the assumption that others would be like it.

I just looked it up and it is 0.3W in standby (It’s 10 years old).