UK/England - Lighting Strips RGBW - Recommendations

I am currently living in an old vicarage, and one of the rooms I am setting up as an office. The room will eventually have wood panelling up to dado rail height, but will also have picture rails on all the walls. I am looking for nice ways to light the room.

My current idea is to put LED lighting strips in/above the picture rails which will light the walls/ceilings above that point to create a nice secondary light effect in the room.

I am looking for LED strips which will fill the following criteria:

  • Be mounted into/above picture rail in a tasteful / invisible way (allowing picture rails to be used to hang pictures
  • Be controlled from a normal UK light switch face plate (cannot be ONLY controlled from HASS)
  • Be invisibly mounted (I can bury wires in walls during decoration)
  • Be controllable through HASS (I have both z-wave and zigbee on my setup)

I would prefer something I can buy off the shelf, rather than something I have to make/homebrew.

Please share your suggestions.