UK Gas meter


I have a new gas boiler system being installed. We actually have 2 gas boilers one for heating and one for hot water.

I thought as part of install i would get a gas meter installed for each boiler.

Can anyone recommend a good meter that would integrate with home assistant well.

I like in the UK, and am struggling to find any that jump out as being simple to connect to HA.


I’d start with what you can get and work backwards. What volume meter approved to UK Gas Safe regulations can you get, that your fitter will sign-off?

Are both boilers modulating? If not, they may use a fixed volume of gas when on, so calibrate this via the utility meter, and measure the run time.

RS Components have several gas flow meters, but they look expensive and don’t have explicit Gas Safe certification. The traditional UK gas meter is a diaphragm / bellows mechanical device as these work at low flow rates - again, these are not cheap.

Many of even the most basic mechanical devices have a rotating magnet or black/white disc which can be sensed with a reed switch or infra-red sensor. Add an ESP + Tasmota / ESPhome and you have a measurement. Go looking for a magnet with a compass needle.

There are lots of projects on this forum using a reed switch, or even an off-the-shelf magnetic door open/closed sensor in the right place.

Some meters can be purchased with a pulse output already fitted - likely just a pre-fitted magnetic reed switch module.

If you can measure the utility meter, you don’t need two private meters, only one.

Perfect thanks.