UK Met Office and new DataHub

The UK Met Office has a new data source (in beta) called DataHub. This uses a more traditional API approach rather than the old datapoint
Met Office DataHub

Has anyone here done any work on this?

Here is an example of the JSON returned from a call to the hourly API (used python to generate the data)
Happy to try and get this into Homeassistant if someone can guide me. I am ok on python but haven’t developed on Homeassistant before.

  "type": "FeatureCollection",
  "features": [
      "type": "Feature",
      "geometry": {
        "type": "Point",
        "coordinates": [
      "properties": {
        "requestPointDistance": 1892.7089,
        "modelRunDate": "2021-02-22T11:00Z",
        "timeSeries": [
            "time": "2021-02-22T11:00Z",
            "screenTemperature": 11.17,
            "maxScreenAirTemp": 11.199775,
            "minScreenAirTemp": 11.166321,
            "screenDewPointTemperature": 7.59,
            "feelsLikeTemperature": 9.6,
            "windSpeed10m": 3.4,
            "windDirectionFrom10m": 213,
            "windGustSpeed10m": 8.23,
            "max10mWindGust": 7.1284003,
            "visibility": 8894,
            "screenRelativeHumidity": 78.41,
            "mslp": 101400,
            "uvIndex": 1,
            "significantWeatherCode": 7,
            "precipitationRate": 0,
            "totalPrecipAmount": 0,
            "totalSnowAmount": 0,
            "probOfPrecipitation": 4

Hi Bob,

Have a look at my weather display here:

I use the new Met Office DataHub (now out of Beta) to display global weather. I would like to see that integrated into HA. Let me know how you’re getting on.