UK Plug sockets with power consumption


I am looking for a couple more wifi or zwave sockets for various things and need power consumption levels. I have 1 greenwave and 1 other randon zwave sockets, which work but hard to find now (at a decent price). I also have 2 sonoff TH16, but would prefer to jst plug in instead of cutting the cable etc.

Anyone know of anything decent please?


TP Link HS110’s. Got a house full of them piping data into homeassistant.

Oh thank you and they work without the need for any gateways etc?

I used these:

and flashed them with tasmota (configured as a Teckin SP23).

As they are Tuya compatible, i used tuya-convert to flash them ota without having to disassemble them.

Does all you’d want over wifi/mqtt.

EDIT: There are a number of videos on youtube on how to use tuya-convert. You mainly just need a spare device like a raspberry pi to set up a mini server that intercepts the tuya first setup and flashes it that way. Though, i used a proxmox container (setup via a one-liner from one of DrZzs videos as my proxmox server had a spare wifi adapter i wasn’t using)


wow cheers… you turn your head for 10 seconds and miss so much. Will buy one and test tomorrow thanks to Prime :slight_smile:

No gateways, configure once via smartphone app and you’re done. Don’t even need to give them internet access after setup so I keep mine firewalled from the internet.

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nice one thanks… will grab one of these as well… thank god for pay day :slight_smile:

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OK I have flashed it and cannot see SP23 listed as an option in the tasmota interface?? and the button on the side no longer works. This isn’t looking good… Any ideas please?

EDIT changed to BlitzWolf SHP Module and it works… Thank you!


Glad to hear :slight_smile:
Let us know what you think. need to buy some more myself.

What method did you use for flashing it btw?

happy so far… just not happy that they are actually too big for any sockets with switches. Stupid design but appears to be safe enough.

Used the standard method

Just ordered pack of 4 - with ÂŁ3 voucher works out at ÂŁ9 each !

Thanks for the pointer

While Tuya’s HA integration is quite ok, Wifi was certainly not built with IoT in mind and the performance of the Wifi router is crucial to allow for multiple wireless devices to connect simultaneous; moreover, sometimes the plug simply doesn’t respond to commands (although connected in router’s page, it will only work after a router reboot).

Zigbee/Z-wave are better technologies for the particular scope of power plugs, as they were designed for low latency, low throughput, distributed installs (as these require separate hub, there is no contest with other devices on the same bandwidth as is the case of Wifi); however, most such products only come in EU/US/Chinese flavors.

Only Zwave technology was mentioned by OP out of the technologies that need a hub, but if Zigbee is an option and can use a certified electrician’s services, then the one below would be an interesting choice as the controller sits behind the wall plug and there is no bulky socket plugged outside (is not dependent on any country specific plug).

Don’t think that monitors energy though ?

Is there a zigbee one available that does ?

My bad (skipped the monitoring part :slight_smile: )

This one will do also power consumption monitoring:

Or plug-able Salus SP600 ( with UK plug which is compatible with Zigbee2MQTT.

wow ÂŁ24 each is a tad steep

Actually it depends: for the Xiaomi, it should be considered that there are basically 2 different monitored sockets for that price (for some external units it might be difficult to fit one plug without covering the other socket). Having the unit inside the wall will keep both wall sockets available.

And not all the devices might need smart plugs afteral in order to keep track of their real power consumption as in some cases nominal consumption (or a previous measured value for a specified interval) can be used. For instance:

  • fridges are running 24/7 and, once power consumption is known, a daily consumption sensor can easily be set in HA; in order to monitor if there’s something wrong with the fridge (such as forgetting to close the door), a temperature sensor or an open door sensor could be used and these are much cheaper than smart plugs;
  • low power computers (such as NUC/Rpi for which there aren’t significant peaks in power consumption) can be set as template sensors in HA based on their availability on the network; monitoring smart lights power consumption is also similar (template sensor based on the state of the lights).

Anyway, all these consumer power monitor plugs are not entirely accurate as, even if all devices in the house are monitored with individual smart plugs, the total will be probably different than the figure from the electricity bill.

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Our power blipped last night and the socket didn’t come back on when the power did, is there anyway it can automaticaly be switched back on when power is restored?

Also does the blue light always flash once it has been “flashed”?


Hey @MarkR

I flashed the latest tasmota binary file on my sp23 using tuya OTA and now the side power button keeps on flashing blue rapidly. Its basically of no use i.e. you cannot do anything to it as it wont respond at all. I cannot see the tasmota AP either.

I tried reflashing using the tuya OTA but it doesnt work as the blue lights keep flashing rapidly i.e. I cannot get it into pairing mode.

Can you please help?

im away at the moment but i fixed mine by resetting tasmota to default. look on their page to see how to do it.

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