UK smart alarm suggestions (Inc retrofit)

We have an existing home alarm. 25 years old but robust, reliable and familiar. It offers 8 zones, of which 7 are used with a single (wired) sensor each. It fulfills our needs from a security pov and current usability needs to be maintained (ie local offline use with a keypad etc).

We wish to smarten up this arrangement, either via retrofitting or replacing (within a budget). The smart requirements are:

Must have:

Sensor - Alarm Status (eg set, unset, triggered)
Sensor - Zone status (open, motion detected)
Switch - arm/disarm
Button - panic alarm

Good to have:

Button - Trip specific zone

The solutions I have shortlisted:

  1. Replace the panel with for eg a Vista 20P and bridge with GitHub - Dilbert66/esphome-vistaECP: This is an implementation of an ESPHOME custom component and ESP Library to interface directly to a Safewatch/Honeywell/Ademco Vista 15/20 alarm system using the ECP interface and very inexpensive ESP8266/ESP32 modules .. This would be ideal except the 20P doesn’t seem to be available in the UK.

  2. Use the Konnected panel and interface kit. This does mostly what is required (except the triggering of zones), but due to the limited number of zones provided would need either 2 panels or the pro (which hits £200).

  3. Roll my own: as old as it is, the system we currently have has all the relevant terminals and signals exposed as simple voltages and so will fulfill all of the requirements via an esp32 etc.

We’re currently leaning towards solution 3, but wanted to share the conversation with the community first as even though the question has been asked previously they never seem to get to a suitable solution.

I went with veritas and konnected pro plus two interfaces. I can arm and disarm and monitor each door pir for automations. Reason I went for that alarm is that it is familiar to my wife and works when the rest fails or I am not around!

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It seems the easiest solution but given it costs more than a new panel it’s difficult to justify. It’s equally a shame that Konnected cannot work in isolation (eg with its own keypad).

In fact I’m quite surprised there isn’t a defacto “panel with WiFi” available.