UK Water Sensors

So I have been viewing the forums for sometime for some solutions but first time posting. I am running via Docker on an Ubuntu server, not really running anything of great importance but looking to invest in a few new options, most importantly water leak detection as recently had an issue I’d like to be alerted of or even switch of the mains water tap (one for another topic). Most importantly I am not running any hubs, I have a few TP-Link sockets and a nest thermostat dn firealarm but that’s about it for now, I don’t mind getting either a Zigbee or Z-Wave hub but would prefer to rely on one rather than have to buy both.

So I have seen a few options for Xiamo /Aqara but under the impression it requires a hub. Aeotec seem to have one that looks like the most likely to work if I went down the Z-Wave route. I was just hoping that someone in the UK has a sure fire way of getting a water sensor configured, preferably without a hub but not essential if it’s guaranteed to work…

If you have any recommendations for a device similar JinvooSmart Wireless Wi-Fi Plug Smart Water sensor that definitely works then that would also be appreciated.

I have bought Aqara / Xiaomi sensors. They do indeed require hub, but it more advantage less a problem.
I have put one of the sensors inside boiler, where it metallic cover shield Wifi, but don’t block Zigbee.
Bought JinvooSmart Valve to put on my main switch to close valve if any leaks detected by Xiaomi sensors.

Yeah, I ended up going for the JinvooSmart Valve too, I have only managed to get it running using the Tuya component which works without much delay. Have you managed to get it running directly over local network?

And what hub have you gone for? I am looking at using a deCONZ for Zigbee rather than Z-Wave.

@dtms It is same here. Did configuration via Tuya.

As of the gateway - I have Xiaomi (Aqara) heavy environment. Their sensors looks good, work perfectly and ridiculously cheap comparing to analogs (if you buy them in right place at the right time). I have their light switches as well.
Specifically for the gateways - I have a mesh from 2 gateways (I use them as well as alarms and night light) and 5 cameras (they also Zigbee gateways and extend mesh) to have a reliable cove for the whole house to serve around 50 devices.