UK Wifi Dimmer Switch

Has anybody tried out these switches? This is the first nice looking dimmer I’ve seen for the UK market that aren’t that expensive. It works with the Smart Life app so I’d imagine it can be flashed with tasmota.

Got one on order now. Hopefully it’s easy to flash for HA use

Let us know how it turns out and good luck!

These Tuya-based devices can be a little quirky, so expect some experimentation.

Unfortunately I am unable to flash this Tuya Convert. It appears to be non ESP based. I disassembled it and tried to flash via USB but it wasn’t responding. I could use it through the Tuya integration but I prefer to have local control
It’s very unfortunate because it is a very attractive switch and the dim control is really nice to use. I will probably go to a Zigbee module with retractive switch for dimming like I use elsewhere.

Can you post some picture?
I would like to buy one, integration with ESPHome would be perfect…
No cloud for me, thanks :smiley:

Sorry, I think that THIS is perfect for us:

I have looked at this switch but it seems that it is the same manufacturer. I found both switches on Aliexpress and they seem to be identical except for the controls. I ended up using a zigbee dimmer from Samotech. I highly recommend it

It seems same manufacturer but very different product. It’s 99% a esp8266 there, look at Amazon pictures.
The one you posted before was different even from pictures.

It looks like you’re right!

Hi, I have just got one of the dial ones, and it does have a esp8266, an although it doe have the correct connections for flashing, I cant get it to flash with Tasmotorizor, see pics.

Maybe you can try with this wiring

I just tried that one as well, unfortunately not working either. It’s on the Tasmota template pages ( so must be flashable, would be nice to find out how though.

It looks like that particular controller can’t be flashed. It is strange that it appears in the blakadder pages if that’s the case