Ultimate Shopping List

Does anybody have a list of products that they would ideally use in new construction? In wall sockets, switches, camera’s, lights, etc
Good quality and easily supported by home assistant. There is just too much to wade through. I’m in north America.

It depends on what you want.
I would recommend components that have no cloud component, ie all local control.
Z-wave or Zigbee are probably your best options for switches and sockets; I would recommend something with energy monitory.
For cameras, that depends on your situation.
There may be somethings that do require cloud access but I would (and do) minimize my use of cloud components; but somethings I don’t have a choice.

I will say you need to be careful about smoke detectors in the USA due to different code requirements such as were I am it is a requirement that the interconnect be a wire.

If you are building a house, I would have Ethernet run through out include drops in attic; because you just never know.