Ultraloq UL3 BT

Anyone know if the is a component out there for this lock? Ultraloq UL3 BT

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I have the same lock. I’d like to know about it too!

Still nothing out there for this lock huh

Was looking at getting one of these myself. I would think that ones its integrated into Google Home you could pull it into HA through that. Not sure about functionality though. They have also released a Wifi bridge you can use with it. You have to purchase it separately but it basically connects to the locks Bluetooth and then converts it to Wifi. Would love to hear if anyone has successfully set this lock up in Home assistant and what features you were able to enable.

Would love to be able to integrate my ultraloq to HA…
Anyone made any progress?

I really hate that we can’t integrate this lock. They seem to not be able to handle their cloud, so we should be able to manage things how we please.

google home is compatible with this lock do you know of any way to intergrade with HA, I’m willing to hack into my wifi bridge if i have if anyone has ever open one up?

I integrated that lock via IFTTT.
So there is just Webhook to Ultraloq rule in IFTTT to unlock the door.

So my steps were as follows:

  1. Create template lock and binary sensor in Home Assistant (to simulate the Ultraloq)
  2. Link up Webhook in IFTTT to Ultraloq to unlock the door
  3. in Home Assistant create an automation that triggers the Webhook when the “virtual” lock is unlocked
  4. automation “locks” the virtual lock again after a couple seconds (I found the ultraloq timeout very short)

It works but I don’t like to rely on IFTTT (3 rules are free but I try to avoid to use IFTTT after they started charging), so I’m thinking of setting up assistant-relay to give the command as well via Google in case that one of the services (IFTTT or Google) is offline.

It’s not beautiful but does the trick - I propose to keep pushing U-tec to keep working on Home Assistant integration (they promised Smartthings/Wink in 2018 and no updates since then).

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Has to be a reverse engineering scheme with the wifi/Bluetooth bridge…to keep it local connected to my HA.

Hi, do you mind sharing your config for step 1 & 2?
I’m using ultraloq ubolt pro but it should work

Is your lock still working?
Mine just recently went kaput 2 months back after using it for almost 1 year and half (fingerprint & keypad wasn’t working)
Ultraloq was kind enough to offer replacement even though it’s past the warranty period.

Any update on this integration?

Now that 2022.8 has released first class bluetooth support. Is there anyone out there that has the ability and interest to integrate Ultraloq using bluetooth directly? Would that even be possible without Ultraloq’s support?

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Interested in this. They aren’t making a zwave version for Aus so BT might be the best alternative.

U-tec has a community forum with with a feature request to support home assistant. There is even a developer commenting in the forum. Vote there to show your interest to U-tec!

I’m also really hoping u-tec will have no choice but to support matter, and that will be beneficial to us all as well.

I’ll add my name to the list for bluetooth integration.

Ultraloq is now an official Works with Home Assistant partner (blog post). Unfortunately it is only for their Z-Wave locks. Hopefully this close partnership will lead to expanded support for Ultraloq, including bluetooth support and a full integration.

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Silly me just bought one of the locks with wifi bridge after not reading the “works with home assistant” announcement carefully enough.

Thought I’d try integrating into home assistant using Google routines, but no luck because Google stupidly only accepts the lock locking as a trigger action, and, a little less-stupidly will only allow locking as a routine action. I can kind of track the state of the lock by having my door sensor mark an input boolean for the lock as “unlocked” when the door opens, and having a google routine register it as locked when the lock is locked. This at least would allow me to disable the auto-lock function (which I fear damaging my door/lock if it is left open, autolocks, then is blown shut by wind) and have a warning if the door is shut but not locked.

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Thought I’d try integrating into home assistant using Google routines, but no luck because Google stupidly only accepts the lock locking as a trigger action

I tried the exact same workaround. It makes no sense they do that. I’m hoping they will change since the home app is still in public preview. I also tried the workaround with Alexa, but it just plain doesn’t work.

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Nothing much makes sense in Google’s vision of a smart home. I have an LG dryer that can’t yet talk to home assistant but can to Google home. Routines can be created to turn the dryer on or off - yet you have to push a button on the dryer to enable that every time it has been switched on. (Plus no robot to load it, anyway). But, insanely, the dryer starting or finishing can’t be used as a trigger. What a backwards world Google engineers must exist in!

I’m still looking for BT to Ultraloq, just bumping along the thread.

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