UltraPro WiFi

I just picked up some UltraPro WiFi switches and dimmers. Very nice products. They automatically figure out load and line so you can just hook them up (still need a common wire though). After adding to Google Home I’m noting that the UltraPro entities are not showing up at all. Google Home can control the switches, but even going into Nabu Casa, I don’t see the entities to even try and expose them to HA.

Any thoughts on this? UltraPro is a Jasco product line…again, very nice.

Try Tuya integration

Perfect! Worked flawlessly. Having the Tuya IOT configuration does add a bit of complexity but it works nicely. Thank you!

Well, in retrospect, I moved to TuyaLocal…and now the dimmers don’t dim…only allow for on/off. Any other thoughts on that?

Does HA see them as switch or light?

May change them to light using helpers

Hamburger menu >> devices and services >> helpers tab >> add helper

I’m going to try that today. Thanks for the idea.

Any word on this, i recently got some and am having issues as well.

Thanks in advance