Unabe to Install on any device?

Hi i,m new here so bear with.
Been trying for a couple of weeks now to install home assistant on almost every device i have with no luck.
Tried on the imac with virtual box, wont even start.
Tried on raspi, just didn,t get anything at all lights just kept blinking for hours. Used different sim cards and a ssd 256gb, nothing.
Tried it on my new Qnap nas, started but had no menu ie settings intergration etc.
Watched nearly every Youtube video which says, it,s easy and no problems to install. Would love to have it up and running but out of patience now, can anyone help me please?

Raspi is easiest to start with. Don’t worry about what hardware you are going to end up runnig it on as its easy to change when you get used to HA.

So go here and download the imager Raspberry Pi OS – Raspberry Pi

Install, then open it and hit choose OS. - Other specific purpose OS - Home assistants - Home assistant - choose the correct variant for your pi. Then choose storage and write.

Once written put ssd in the pi and boot. Go to another computer and after 20 mins or so open a browser and go to homeassistant.local:8123 or “ip of raspi”:8123

If that does not work let us know exactly the steps you are doing to get it working.

Home assistant often require UEFI boot with secureboot enabled, which your iMac with VirtualBox might not have been set up for.

Blinking lights on a raspi is often poor power supply.

Thanks for the replies.
Found out that although it said install success, it was not. Tried on 2 working sd cards and didn,t work. Got a new 256gb card and is now working.
Both sd cards work in a dashcam and my shield tv no problems.
Now comes the hard bit ,setting it up.
Thanks again for all the advice.