Unable to access HA remotely

Yesterday my ISP tech came to my house to address a speed issue and he updated the firmware on my router without taking a snapshot of the configuration. I lost all my static IPs and port forwarding. I have most of it back the way it was but am just pulling out what little hair I have left getting HA to work remotely.

It appears that port 8123 will not open up from the internet. I called my ISP and verified I am doing port forwarding correctly, but using canyouseeme.org, I can see that 8123 is not open. I have other ports, for example a webcam, that are forwarded and they are open,

I can access HA in my network via hassio.local:8123 or using my IP address (

Prior to this I had HA working with Duckdns just fine and I can still get to my Webcam via duckdns, but not the HA (on a RPi).

I have ports 8123 and 443 forwarded to 8123

My router is a BEC 8920AC

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Fred J