Unable to access Home Assistant locally


All was fine, installed HA on a pi. Got my SolaX inverter talking OK. Couple of other integrations and some cool displays etc all on my local network both PC and phone using the app. All fine until I tried to be real clever and enable external URL access to my HA using Duck DNS. Enabled an account with URL etc. Did port forwarding on port 8123. Added the DuckDNS add on and configg’d HA accordingly. However when trying to access HA it sent me direct to my router logon page. Trying to back track removing DuckDNS and port forwarding has resulted in ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED locally no matter what I try (IP address or Homeasssistant.local.8123). Have rebooted router and the pi no help. Any help to a newbie

You need to use a colon before the port address not a period.



Yes sorry. Of course. That was a typo. It is not responding to Homeasssistant.local:8123 was what I meant to say. I can ping it np. As I say I have backed out by closing the duckdns domain I created and removing port forwarding on my router but still cannot get the HA to respond locally.

If it helps I can see the observer webpage on 192.168.xxx:4357 OK