Unable to add a ON/OFF module Chacon CH54755 and Rfxtrx

I’m new with Home Assistant.
I have already configured Home Assistant on e RPi3 + a Rfxtrx transceiver.
I’ve added a Lacrosse temperature Censor and 3 old cheap switches, using their remote signal.
But now, I’m stuck with my 5 new Chacon DIO CH547522.

I have no remote for them as I thought I could use HommeAssistant. But I can’t add them, the rfxtrx receive no signal (the AC and ARC prococols are enabled).

Of course, I’ve read https://www.home-assistant.io/components/switch.rfxtrx/ but it doesn’t help me.

Can someone help me please ?

OK I have the answer… I’ve re-read the rfxtrx switches doc and understood that I had to generate a code with http://192.168.xxx.xx:8123/dev-template
first, then use this “virtual remote” to make my Chacon switch learn it.

Edit : the URL changed : https://192.168.xxx.xxx:8123/developer-tools/template