Unable to add Homekit Controller after removal

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For some reason, I am unable to add back the homekit_controller integration back after removing it.

It does not auto-discover as some of the other integrations do after removal. So I hit the + button and try to add, I get to the point where I need to pick a device to add and all the devices showing up a are Lifx bulbs which are already included in the Lifx integration.

I should say, I have a Homebridge instance which I am using to expose Vivint sensors/devices to HA. Homebridge is running on a docker and is up i.e. I can long into Homebridge.

The first time I installed Homebrodge, HA automatically notified me of a new Homekit Controller integration and I was able to pair it with the Homebridge pairing code. I removed the integration as some of the entities were not being exposed due to ID conflicts.

Appreciate any help to figure out what might be the issue.

This issue stemmed from me wanting to delete devices and found no other easy way than to delete the integration.

Well I reinstalled the homebridge docker and it was auto-discovered. Once I delete the homekit controller integration I have to delete my homebridge docker and reinstall it so it gets a new number.