Unable to add local devices on virtual Home assistant in Ubuntu server

I have installed Home assistant (supervised) on an Ubuntu Server 23.10 as a virtual machine using KVM (virt-manager). It is online and I’m able to access it by ssh and web UI from my local MacBook Pro. My local network is on Gateway and Home Assistant’s Gateway is This seems to be the problem as it’s not only unable to discover devices, it doesn’t recognize the IP address of local devices. The only integration that I have successfully added was Nest (video doorbell and thermostat). I would like to integrate 2 AppleTVs, HomePod, Hue bridge, several Hue lights, LG TV, Sony TV, Sonos Speaker, Dyson Fan, Sleep number bed and more.

System information
Version: core-2024.2.2
Installation type: Home Assistant OS
Supervisor: true
Docker: true
User: root
Virtual Environment: false
Python Version: 3.12.1
Operating System Family: Linux
Operating System Version: 6.1.74-haos
CPU Architecture: x86_64

Home Assistant Supervisor
Host Operating System: Home Assistant OS 11.5
Supervisor Version: supervisor-2024.01.1
Agent Version: 1.6.0
Docker Version: 24.0.7

My Ubuntu server is using systemd-networkd with a bridge (br0), ethernet connection (enp4s0) and virtual network interface (virbr0). Please let me know if any other details would help resolve my issue.