Unable to add Shelly 3EM via MQTT to energy dashboard


I have a Shelly 3EM sensor which measures my power consumption and would like to add it to the energy dashboard. The shelly is integrated into HA via MQTT. It provides three entities (*_total_0, …1, …2) which provide integrated energy values:

These entities do not show up in the dropdow list of the energy dashboard configuration. Interestingly, the three entities shown below, which are also provided by the Shelly, do show up in the energy dashboard. However, these only provide energy consumed in the last five minutes.

How can I add the Shelly 3EM measurements to the energy dashboard?

Figured it out with some help from the Discord channel. I had to add the following customizations:

  state_class: total_increasing
  state_class: total_increasing
  state_class: total_increasing