Unable to add sonoff entity to automation

I was tinkering yesterday with my Sonoff relay to trigger a single entity based on outdoor temperature. I was able to get everything setup until it came time to add the action and the WebUI will not list any of my Sonoff entities (or the device for that matter). I see the device/entity in the main list from configuration view, but unable to select from WebUI. What am I missing here?

My next step is just to setup the automation manually and see if that works.

Can you share a screenshot of the issue?

If you can’t use a device trigger (because no device), use a state trigger or another trigger


I’m not sure what screenshot would be helpful here. The device is simply not available from the list. Maybe something else you are looking for?

It there is no device, you can’t use a device automation. Use a State trigger as show above.

I forgot that I’m using the Sonoff integration via HACS, so I guess that’s what is preventing access to the devices/entities via automation.

How does using a trigger resolve this problem? That implies I’m waiting for a trigger on that entity and that’s not what I’m doing here. The trigger is a different weather entity for temperature that I will use to trigger a sonoff switch. I can see the entity when setting up a new trigger, but I don’t know how to modify that entity based on the numeric state of another entity.

Maybe explain what you want your automation to do. If it not to trigger on the sonoff, but the sonoff to do something on a trigger, use ‘call service’

Before we had 'device’s, we could automate too.


Ah, Call service. That’s what I needed. I have not used that function yet. Found the service and then was able to add my entity. Nice. Thanks!