Unable to assign fixed ip on Arris modem

I am trying to set up a static ip for my Home Assistant (Supervisor) installation. It is installed in a VirtuaBox on my Win 10 PC and appears to perform correctly. It will launch when I enter http://homeassistant.local:8123 in Chrome and it displays the ipaddress as

However my Arris SBG10 router does not display that adress in the Attached Client List. And entering does not launch Home Assistant.

Since The router does not recognize, how can I make it a fixed ip address?

I already chatted with Arris, but they did not have an answer and assigned me a Case Number: 2107-20951

Arris Surfboard SBG10
SN A455G5344101904
MAC C8 63 FC 4C 9B 69

Go to the supervisor page then the system tab. Is the same ip listed there?
edit: hit change, inside there is it set to the ip address?

Did you set up the vmbox lan interface as a bridge?

Yes I did set bridged

then home assistant should obtain an ip address from your dhcp server from your router…
you should be able to find it using the mac address shown on the bridged lan interface in virtual box…
easiest would be to make a reservation for that mac address

see also Homeassistent not be found on port 8123 - #12 by aceindy

There is a lot of info there…
(make sure you don’t use the VirtualBox-Host-only Network Adapter, as that was the mistake that user made :wink:)

I did find the same ip and changed it to static. Interesting that it still does not show in the router list of active ip’s.
Question: why does the ip show as What is the 24 for?

On my arris if the ip is fixed from the source it won’t show in the table. There should be a page under dhcp that you can enter the mac address and the ip you want to assign. Then you should see it in the table.

24 is a reference to the section range of ip addresses you are using. It’s not something you need to set.

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That’s true for any dhcp server. If the server/router is not the one assigning the IP, possibly a static one by association with the MAC address, it just doesn’t know about it.

Note that if one follows the route of assigning a static IP on the host itself, he must be careful to use an IP not in the range assigned to the DHCP, or you might end-up with 2 devices withe same IP and lots of headaches.

I still suspect the wrong interface is bridged.
Make sure you assigned your real interface and not the VirtualBox-Host-only interface :thinking:

This is the interface which was used for a bridged adaptor in VirtualBox

This ???

To a avoid confusion, you can delete the virtual-host-only-interface
You don’t need it :wink: