Unable to assign IP

Struggling with setting up a range the DHCP on router keeps over riding and allocation the IP of home assistant so though I could set the range to well outside the regularly used IP in this case but getting this error in the logs
usr/local/lib/python3.12/ipaddress.py", line 117, in ip_interface
raise ValueError(f’{address!r} does not appear to be an IPv4 or IPv6 interface’)
ValueError: ‘’ does not appear to be an IPv4 or IPv6 interface

That’s not correct. You cannot use /45.


It’s correct. isn’t a valid IP address. Remove the subnet mask.

Plus, why are you using /45 for a subnet mask in the first place? IIRC, the maximum subnet mask size you can have in a class C network is /31 and I have rarely ever seen that used outside of very specialized enterprise networks.


Aha, I see I’m newbie to this didn’t realise that was the subnet, though that was a range of IP’s :roll_eyes: thanks

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lol no worries. Happens to everyone. :slight_smile: